Two courses (shoulder and pelvis) that completely changed my practice as an osteopath! Paul transmits in a structured and clear way, a new way of working with the AFR method. This method allows us to have objective evaluation tools in relation to the fascia and muscles, allowing us to establish a treatment plan and structured approach, in addition to very effective and often pleasant techniques for the patients.” (Marie-Michèle Castonguay, D.O.)


“Beyond my expectations! Thank you!”

“Very complete and well structured… should be part of osteopathic basic education. Thank you for Paul for passing on this knowledge.”

“This course is ESSENTIAL to training to be an osteopath!”

“This course was beyond my expectations. Very relevant, very applicable in the clinic. Brings interesting clinical reasoning.”

“I highly recommend this course! It is an excellent addition to basic osteopathic training…far exceeded my expectations in terms of theory and clinical relevance.”

“Paul and his team are absolutely wonderful. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you so much for giving us this training and thank you for your dedication. It is greatly appreciated!

“I recommend this one as well as the shoulder course!”

“Was this course what I expected? – YES and more!!!”

“A practical course with effective tools.”

“A huge thank you to Paul and the entire team! Very enjoyable, relevant and practical.”

“I loved that this course went back to the basics of anatomy. It’s very simple to understand. Thank you so much!”

“I loved this course and am already looking forward to the shoulder course! Thank you for your generosity and for sharing this approach.”

“Excellent teacher!”


”The applied biomechanical approach of the AFR method is effective and easy to learn. Paul Evans’ clarity of teaching quickly equips participants who wish to obtain tangible results on the myofascial level for both local and global posture issues.”

Thank you very much! I really liked the approach, the availability, the patience. Very good that the course is pre-recorded to assimilate the theoretical aspect.”

”The use of anatomical visual aids during the techniques is really useful and dramatically improves our understanding.”

Very good course! Very complete! I really liked the exercises using the yoga massage ball.”

”Thank you for the course and all the material shared! I loved the practical, powerful techniques. I also liked the video of the theoretical aspect in advance; easier to prepare and integrate the material prior to coming to the class. Great format and one to continue!”

”Excellent seminar! Very loaded with information but so beneficial for practice. Definitely a three or four day course would be better. Still excellent!” (note:  comment was made during a 2 1/2 day seminar.  The seminar has since been extended.)

”Thank you so much! I loved this seminar which will be very useful in my practice… Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion. Congrats for your way of being and teaching  in terms of both professor and assistant.”

”Very satisfied! Gladly willing to continue with the pelvis and eventually the TMJ. Clear explanations, trainer with good communication skills, very well organized…The theory breakdown in the form of a video initially allows for better preparation. The skills of the assistant is very much appreciated to complement the demonstrations and practical element.”



Paul Evans’ ATM course is an educational gem!  Paul conveys his passion and knowledge of the subject with enthusiasm.  During the face-to-face classes, we delve deeper into the anatomy and have the chance to practice his unique approach with superb demonstrations.  I’ve had the privilege of working with Paul and have been looking forward to this course!
Thank you for your generosity!
Maxine Gariépy D.O.(Q)

It was a very enriching and relevant course! The combination of two different professionals to teach us made this seminar even more complete and exciting! It allowed me to consolidate elements from Paul’s other courses. I recommend it to everyone!
Joanie Palin-Carpentier, D.O.(Q)

The TMJ training is a comprehensive course. Paul Evans is an excellent teacher who explains and takes the time to ensure that participants understand the anatomy, connections and techniques. There’s never a dull moment in this course, and you have fun while learning a fascinating subject. The course included with Dr. Dubé is very interesting, with lots of information to apply in osteopathic practice and knowledge to share with other professionals interested in TMJ. The tools given are applicable as of Monday in the clinic. Paul’s enthusiasm for advancing our profession is contagious. I’m motivated after this training. Thank you for all the videos, Powerpoint and course notes to help keep this subject alive in my practice! I look forward to the next training session with you Paul!
Cynthia Ryder, D.O.(Q), CAT(C)