What is AFR (“Applied Fascial Release”)?

Clinicians often need to assess a patient’s pain, hypomobility and loss of function within a given area of the body as a response to the primary complaint.   As an integral part of the body and source of many system dysfunctions, we strongly believe that the fascial network should be included as part of that evaluation.

AFR is a practical and systematic approach to fascial tissue evaluation in relation to the primary area of complaint.  It is based on conducting a specific as well as general osteopathic evaluation with an emphasis on the myofascial system.

AFR involves an assessment of:

  • Articular range of motion
  • Muscular strength
  • Bone position
  • Biomechanics
  • Discomfort (symptomatic with movement or on palpation)
  • Suppleness and dissociative ability of the fascial tissues

Once the target area of myofascial dysfunction has been identified, using one or more AFR methods, a return towards improved posture, joint function, decreased symptoms and fluidity of movement can be achieved.